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Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm

Monday, July 11th, 2011

This is the epitome of why I love indie music, I had never heard of Benjamin Francis Leftwich until recently and am an instant fan. His debut full length just dropped on America’s birthday ironically in the UK, Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm, and it’s simply brilliant. Beautifully melancholic at times, his album is emotional and has apparently been in production for the last four years. Not sure when the U.S. release date is but you can purchase from Amazon UK. Check out the streams below and I have posted a link to a remix of his by GZUS.

Click here to stream full album

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures (GZUS Remix)

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Box Of Stones by Dirty Hit
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures by Mud Hut Digital