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New Crystal Castles tracks – Stubbs August 11

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Oops, Crystal Castle’s new album leaked and is available on Hypem now.  Castles have created a great follow up album to their smashing debut that adds similar electro-glitchy-pop to their portfolio.  With studio and production improvements, the tracks sound crisper (maybe a negative) and flow well.  I fucking love seeing them live and think Alice Glass is one of the baddest female fronts alive.  Yes they play short sets and yes Alice is usually trashed onstage, but they pull it off I always leave happy and wanting more.  They are coming to Stubbs August 11th with the LA based Hard Tour,  with Sinden and Destructo.   I’ve done most of the work for you, grab the tracks below…

The tracklisting for ‘Crystal Castles’ is:

‘Fainting Spells’
‘Doe Deer’
‘Year of Silence’
‘Violent Dreams’
‘Pap Smear’
‘Not In love’
‘I Am Made Of Chalk’

Vega Vs. Crystal Castles

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Austin’s own Vega opened for Crystal Castles at La Zona Rosa a few weeks ago and was billed to play with them in Dallas as well. That is until CC and/or their management fucked over the Dallas crowd and canceled their show at the Grenada. Hear Vega’s side of the story below in an interview they gave with Gorillavs.Bear. Also a track off their album ‘Well Known Pleasures’ plus some shitty videos I took from the CD release party at Beauty Bar and at the Crystal Castles show.

Vega – No Reasons

Vega vs. Crystal Castles Interview
Read all about the incident at GvB