Can’t wait for the show, will be one of the best of the year…. I have 2 extra hard tickets that I’ll sell for face… leave a comment about why you want them with your email and they’re yours. If there are multiple comments I’m going to pick my favorite response at 3pm june 3rd.


  1. drsparklexx says:

    I need to see them live because I can’t stop listening to Make Light til I hear/see them play it live. I only need one ticket btw…

    nofriends6sic6 at

  2. amy says:

    I need these really bad, I saw both bands for the first time during sxsw and I was totally blown away!!! I tried to buy tickets but they were sold out 🙁 I rarely go to concerts here in Austin simply because I am not very musically educated on new bands, but these two are aaahhhmaaazing! Please let me know if there is any way I can get these from you, I promise I will return the favor to you!!! Here is a link to my pics from SXSW…

    I had to type that all in….lol took about 10 times of switching back from FB to your blog lol… 🙂 Thanks!
    P.S. my email is

  3. Anonymous says:

    A quasi-acquintance bought tickets to the show for himself and my girlfriend. She’s a huge Passion Pit fan, but doesn’t feel comfortable going without me. So I’ve been desparately trying to find tickets…

  4. Kat says:

    Passion Pit has been the only thing getting me through the past week and a half. So much crap has been going wrong and I was only looking forward to this show. Then I went to buy my tickets last night to find out that they were no longer on sale. I actually cried. I don’t have $50 to spend on a ticket though so i’m deperatly trying to find some cheap.

  5. Neda says:

    hey, hay! So I’d love to snag one of those passion pit tickets for my friend. She’s having some boy troubles and I’ve convinced herv to take a get away to austin. She loves passion pit and that’s the only night she can be here for so it’s perfect…except for the fact that I can’t seem to spot an extra ticket for her. I’d really appreciate one of your spares so me and my best friend can enjoy some fun times and get down to some upbeat tunes. Thanks in advance! let me know… (

  6. Anonymous says:

    I would pretty please like to buy your Passion Pit tickets. Why? Because after seven years of living in Austin I’m moving away in July and I’m trying to squeeze in as much live music as possible.

    Passion Pit rocked my face at SXSW. You should pick me because I will bring the noise, bring the funk, bring the ruckus, and maximize the good energy and good times.

    P.S. Competing for tickets is fun. Clever boy.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Also, I’m willing to take just one of the tickets if you feel the need to split the winnings.

  8. James Sims says:

    So this comment box is dragging me into a few directions, I can’t decide how to convince you that I want the tickets. I can tell you that I have seen passion pit twice already and I am trying to be greedy and see them for a third time (which isn’t true,I’ve never seen them) or that I only need one of the pair which is totally not true. I could use both. Finally I don’t want you to feel sorry for me either because that is not attractive. Instead I want you to know that I simply enjoy the bands of the evening and would love to hear them live!

  9. Joshua says:

    I would love to purchase these tickets. I’m a teacher and tomorrow’s the last day of school. There’s no other way I’d like to welcome in summer after a long year then seeing these guys live.

    Please email if still available:


  10. Anonymous says:

    I've spent the whole day sitting on an ice pack because the past 2 days i spent having wild sex… he moved to LA this morning to pursue acting & modeling (true story.) & passion pit is what we listened to during our unreal 48 hours of passion. so send the tickets my way b/c well i'm not getting laid & the only thing better than sex is music. help a sister out.

  11. jacqueline says:

    love them, want them, need to see them!!!!


  12. Isabel says:

    My name is Isabel. I told my friend that I would go see passion pit with her and we planned it all out. She bought her ticket weeks ago, finagled her way into being allowed the car for one night and made plans to bond with me over tubs of ice cream afterwards. I, on the other hand was not nearly as proactive as she and neglected to pay up $12 for a ticket. They sold out. Now I'm super bummbed, ticketless and soon to be friendless (not really… but i couldn't help myself).

    My e-mail is:
    and if I get my hands on one of them, my wildest dreams will come true

    thank you for your time

  13. Ginny Min says:

    You may have given the tickets away already, but I'd figure there's no harm in asking. I honestly can't say anything special about my want/need for the tickets. I really enjoy listening to Passion Pit and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to see them live in an intimate venue like Emo's. I've never seen them before and was unfortunately a bit late in getting the tickets on time. The tickets won't be wasted and will be thoroughly enjoyed.
    -ginny (

  14. Ginny Min says:

    Honestly, I can't really say anything special about my want/need for these tickets, except that I greatly enjoy listening to Passion Pit and the opportunity to see them in a venue like Emo's would be great appreciated. I've never seen Passiot Pit before, so the tickets will be thoroughly enjoyed and used to their fullest extent.
    -ginny (

  15. Anonymous says:

    you should sell them to me because…it's what jesus would do.

  16. asdgdf; says:

    What can I say that will convince you? There is so much…I guess, firstly, this is a band that I truly discovered myself. Passion Pit are my babies. I'm sure you've had the same experience, watching a favorite band of yours grow from a random Myspace track to a four star review in Rolling Stone (I know, holy crap!). It's not just a random show from random band that one has heard perhaps once or twice on the radio (again, holy crap. 101x is playing them now!), it's on a personal level. Secondly, tomorrow's the last day of school for me as well. Actually it's my last day of high school, ever. This fall I will be a freshman in college which brings me to my third point, I know that they are playing ACL this fall (awesome, good for them) but I won't be able to attend seeing as I will be stuck in the wasteland that is Lubbock, TX getting my college on. And it doesn't take a genius to know that Lubbock doesn't exactly hold the same musical reputation as Austin, ha.
    So, to conclude, if I am able to go this show it will not only hold symbolic meaning but will also serve as an opportunity to see a band I've loved and seen grow before my eyes, well before my eyes. And I promise that I'm not too cool to dance my ass off 🙂

    Warmest Regards,


  17. Anonymous says:

    Wow… I'll apologize in advance if this comes across as a schill, but after reading E.K.'s post, I can't in good conscience submit my own. I just spent three years in grad school in Lubbock, and he/she's dead on about it being a cultural wasteland. I sincerely hope you get 'em and go out with a bang, E.K. – you'll need it to get you through.

    Best of luck to you all,

  18. Anonymous says:

    I really screwed up. My girlfriend and I have been listening to the Harlem Shakes for a long time and when we saw that they were coming to Emo's with Passion Pit we were stoked. So I told her that I would get the tickets for her B-day(which is today)as a present. Unfortunately I was fired a couple months ago and did not have the cash for the tix until today. I was so bumbed until I saw this post. Hopefully you can helpl me out.


  19. Jenni says:

    I want more than anything to scrape the bottom of my piggy bank to spend the last $30 i have to dance my ass off to passion pit!!!! Help a sista out!


  20. Thomas says:

    I really want to see Passion Pit live. Didn't have the cash when tickets were available. I waited in line to see them @ SXSW, continuing to wait through their entire set never getting to see them. I believe this will be my last chance to see them in a small venue before they blow-up. Please please please?


  21. Anonymous says:

    I'd greatly appreciate those tickets! I would looovvve to see Passion Pit tonight…. and now, this here is what you are thinkin right about now, (inspired by Passion Pit lyrics, to inspire you, to pick me!):

    I've waited and waited for someone to take it.
    Don't fight it, don't bother an inch for another.
    Don't listen, don't hear them, they're in this together.
    I've learned well, now hear me, there's much to be fearing.
    I'm used to your absence, your faceless distraction.
    I've painted your problems but found them attractive.
    Now I've been leaning towards a life far more caring,
    thrown back through the dark with your eyes as my candles,
    and your life, and my life, directions can render. (PICK ME!!!!)
    And all of a sudden you left me to handle
    the reasons that never forbid me to (PICK ME).
    And somehow or somewhere I found out the secret – (YOU WANT TO PICK ME!! :))
    To say it aloud without actually breathing.


    [me tonight so happy watching Passion Pit jammin thinking…..]

    I am hoping this is how it all plays out! please, may your love grow tall


  22. Anonymous says:

    My gf just dumped bc I was laid off last week and will have to move out of Austin this weekend. Please let me enjoy Passion Pit at Emo's before I leave Austin after a 8 good years! I dont want to leave but I have no choice. Please help a brother out!

  23. Anonymous says:

    ima get hammered and dance all night
    i miss dancing…
    and passion pit sounds pretty fun
    si? i'll spare you a drank

  24. Courtney Dudley says:

    You should pick me for the following reasons:

    1. I love this band and have NEVER seen them live although I tried desperately at sxsw.
    2. The song "Let your love grow tall," is perhaps one of the best songs written this year.
    3. I am a photographer and love to photograph shows like this one which will inevitably be very photo-worthy.
    4. My boyfriend and I just had a terrible breakup and I really need get out there and dance. Dancing is the best therapy, IMHO. Plus I could invite my totally cute neighbor to tag along, thereby making my evening too perfect for words.
    5. I am broke (because of the aforementioned career as a photographer) and can't pay $50.
    6. I will pay forward your kindness for generations and generations.

    Pick me! Please!

  25. Amy says:

    Best friend and I have been waiting for this show for months and months. We were on a list and JUST TODAY were told that only one of us could get in because the show was so popular. Obviously we would have bought tickets a long time ago if we had known. Now desperately trying to figure out how to remedy the situation! You would save me from feeling like I'm going to be sick…

  26. Adam says:

    Now, this is a story all about how
    My life got flipped-turned upside down
    And I liked to take a minute
    Just sit right there
    I'll tell you how I saw Passion Pit in the town of Bel-Air [Austin]

    In west Philadelphia born and raised
    On the playground was where I spent most of my days
    Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
    And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school
    When a couple of guys
    Who were up to no good
    Startin making trouble in my neighborhood
    I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
    She said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air'

    I begged and pleaded with her day after day
    But she packed my suite case and send me on my way
    She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my TICKET.
    I put my walkman on and said, 'Like a Sleeepppyyyheaddd!'.

  27. stacey says:

    the chunk of change ep helped me dance my way through a difficult break up. srsly. and then i introduced the band to everyone i know. i took my friend to see them during sxsw. now she loves them. we went to brighton, uk for the great escape music festival because they were supposed to play and they canceled. so my friend got us on the list for the show tonight and then just wrote me to let me know that her plus one has been canceled. so i no longer have a way in. i have been looking forward to this all freaking day. even been listening to the new album on repeat. i REALLY want these tix.

  28. Mike says:

    Honestly, I just heard about this band a week ago and I really like to dance so I figured I would try to score some tix the day of…haha However, it's the TRUTH. I could ramble on how much I love this certain band but what really matters is what creativity they will bring to the table within the years to come. Most importantly 2012, which I do believe in. I could be like everyone else trying to suck your dick getting these tix but goddamnit it's just one night out of the proceeding process we call LIFE….

    would love to hear from you



  29. Ricky says:

    I can't compete with the witty comments above. I'm just an average guy who wants to see his new favorite band play his new favorite song ("To Kingdom Come"). Plus, I've never been out dancing on a Wednesday night. (Oh yeah, Harry Dean Stanton is one delightfully weird motherfucker . . .)

    On the off chance that I'm selected, my email address is:

  30. Jourdan says:

    Hey, what's up blog. My name's Jourdan, i'm not going to tell you why i deserve the tickets, because i really don't think i do. I'm shallow, excitable, enchantable, bi-lingual, post-punk, and passionate. None of those characteristics match up well with this passion pit band.
    However, i have a better idea! You should give your blog tickets to my friend Adam! He posted the fresh prince rap above me ^ (not stacey)
    Adam's a great guy! He has a moustache sometimes. He's guile, handsome, bow-legged, tragic, manic, sweet, and tasty.
    Perfect for the passion pit!
    He even has a passion pit tattoo! Or, if that's not true, he might get one someday.
    Anyways, Adam's a true catch, and if you get a chance to meet him blog, do yourself a favor, hold on to him, for as long as you possibly can


  31. Ashley says:

    I'll buy one and go with you. I love them, but I'd need a concert buddy. Or I'll buy both and go by my lonesome.

    Saw your post about Manchester Orchestra. I saw them with Brand New a couple years back – I'm not surprised at all that they made it big, they rocked it

  32. Anonymous says:

    here's my take:

    the majority of people lost out b/c of not planning ahead. I get it, it's tough, but that's what happens. if you really REALLY like a band, it's hard to believe you wouldn't buy tickets on day one of the sale. period.

    HOWEVER, those who lost out on the +1 deal – that super sucks, and you really deserve tix because you WERE planning ahead. I think they should get them (amy + stacy).

    in case you disagree, I've also included a run-down on the handful of most compelling posts: – good on complimenting the author and points for leaving atx, but seeing them at SX indicates $$$. I think you can afford the scalped tix.

    Courtney – I like the photography and neighbor angle. out of everyone, it sounds like this would be the best date night. – I hear ya with the ice pack (been there), but do you REALLY want to be at the show all miserable a missing the b/f (and the sex??)

    E.K. – good story but still shoulda planned ahead. – lyrics, NICE!! a true fan. – he's a teacher. I think he deserves face value tix more than nearly anyone (+1 peeps still get my vote).

    I'll be anxious to see how you decide. will you post your winner (and rationale) here when you select them?


  33. Braden says:

    Thanks for playing along, It's unfortunate to pick one but that's life. I took my favorites and had my girlfriend pick one at random. Very scientific but hey you roll the dice and sometimes you win. She chose Stacey and since Amy also got screwed by the same cancelation they should go together and be best friends for the rest of their lives. I will be doing this for many sellouts so please bookmark the homepage and visit (click ads) and I'll maybe start giving tickets away.

    Broken Hearts

  34. Anonymous says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! congrats amy and stacy. you were my pick, too (not the g/f, tho).

    this was fun. 🙂


  35. Braden says:

    Stacey + Amy yall didn't leave your emails and I don't know how to twitter. Yall post a comment with your emails.

  36. stacey says:

    Braden, girlfriend and Kelly…I love you. So much. How do we do this?! i am jumping up and down right now.

    amy…email me if you want in. seriously. the plus one situation is completely effed up.

  37. Amy says:

    wow!!! amazing!!! thank you thank you thank you! I love every single human being on the face of the planet right now i am so happy!

    you guys rock!

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