Bat For Lashes – Tickets @ $Face$ – Austin, Parish Room

Alright I have 2 extra Hard tickets to the show Wednesday night at the Parish. Comment below about why you deserve them, something funny, sad, whatever, and I’ll take my favorite 5 or so comments and pick a winner randomly for the pair of tickets which I’ll give to you at face value $25 for both. Winner will be picked Wednesday around noon. So comment and make sure you leave a way for me to contact you (email). While you’re here click on an ad or two so I can start giving tickets away. Thanks

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  1. Braden says:

    Good Luck and Thanks for playing along

  2. bhachar says:

    I totally deserve to go to this show! The only reason I don't have tickets already is because I never pay for sex.

    I know Natasha Khan will fall in love with me the minute she sees me and we will make passionate love after the show and start a lovely life together. If I were to pay for this event, I would feel guilty of living such an experience at the price of $12.

    You can't put a price on Love~


  3. godless_fibber says:

    i deserve the ticket because i would be traveling from San Marcos to see the woman i recently started a relationship with. It would be nice to surprise her by showing up at the parish at witness a great performance with someone i am highly interested it.


  4. Cor says:

    It's difficult to say that "deserve" the tickets, but I surely would love to have them- I'm moving overseas next week, and my best friend and I have a ritual of going to the Parish every month to see a show (last month it was Bill Callahan, beautiful show), so I had been planning to take her to this show as our last concert before I left. Of course, the show sold out a bit faster than I expected! This show was particularly special because Natasha Khan became a kind of charm for me since I accidentally ran into the editor of a Welsh underground music magazine when I was hitchhiking through Wales, about two years ago- I was hitching from England through Wales to Ireland, all the way to Belfast and then through Scotland, and completed the loop back to England. I was terrified to hitch on my own, and he was the first person I met and befriended while traveling, and he gave me a copy of his magazine which featured Natasha Khan and Bat for Lashes (this was before they were widely known at all). The magazine editor raved about her, so I bought her album and it was my traveling companion for the whole trip. Now I'm actually moving back to the UK and would love love love to bring the whole thing full circle, and see her here in Austin before I leave!


  5. Cor says:

    Oh geez forgot to post my email, sorry- []

  6. Anonymous says:

    My girlfriend hates every artist I enjoy. Bat For Lashes (strangely) is one of maybe two exceptions, so you will be effectively giving us a concert night where, FINALLY, neither one of us is constantly checking our phone…please grant me this night!

  7. R T says:

    This past Wednesday the 12th I asked my sweetest Poquita to marry me..through tears,hugs and kisses she said YES! Now, while I was making sure everything was in place for our special day, Bat for Lashes sold out on me..something I promised I'd take her to..I can't let her down on the first thing I had planned for us after getting in engaged. I have to find a way in!
    Thanks for the chance!

  8. elyse says:

    Wow, deserve is a pretty strong word! But if anybody deserves them, I do: I just moved in to Austin less than a week ago for a new job. I don't know many people here and I have been trying to go see Bat for Lashes for ages. What a perfect combination.. except they're sold out! If only I could go see one of my favorite artists and make some friends! (

  9. Anonymous says:

    BAT for LASHES are amazing-full stop. How very
    British am I? Very and longing to go back. I am American having lived in London 12 years and followed Bat for Lashes at concert venues around the UK. Natasha and her band rock! Her music is haunting, beautiful, melodic and gets me through the ups and downs of a recent major life change! I have just recently moved back to San Antonio(how depressing is that!- it ain't London, mate!) and am in desperate need of a good dose of medicine- a British injection. I deserve to get out of SA asap and move onwards and upwards to the great city of Austin to see my favorite Brit band before I slowly rot in SA. (! Lea xx

  10. Dan says:

    Well i have to say i deserve these tickes because if i don't see the bat for lashes show, i would have lost my love for humanity and finally go through my plan of world domination. I have everthing, a death ray, maniacal laughter, frizzly white hair and a matching blood-splattered lab coat, and some seriously unresolved daddy issues/assorted pshycosises… do the the free world a favor and give me the tickets or the world will be mine…

  11. Dynamite says:

    Why do I deserve these tickets? Because I just clicked on every motherfrakkin ad on your page so you can afford to actually give them away. How many of these other schmoobs did that? You have mostly ticket broker links and holy shitballs are there a lot. Apparently now I'm going to see the lion king, the jonas brothers on ice, and nickelback- the WORST BAND EVER. I even clicked on that technorati bitch at the bottom and read an article about the "so you think you can dance" choreographer (there's a show called 'so you think you can dance'?) charged with rape.

    By the way thanks for posting the passion pit clips on youtube…can't believe I missed that show.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Nobody "deserves" the tickets first of all. Second, I would love to get my hand on one ticket. Why? Well, because I am a teenager who wants to experience life. The only concert I went to was the Jonas Brothers…why, I have no idea. I have a friend who is going and I would like to go along to see the beautiful Natasha Khan perform.
    p.s. I will pay $15 for a ticket

    hope, I win,

  13. Braden says:

    Thanks everyone the lucky winner was Lea in San Antone, if she backs out Dynamite was 2nd, and Buddy 3rd. See you at the Show

  14. bhachar says:

    Great stuff everyone! Lea, if you need a date to go to the show with you, I got the drinks!

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